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Public awareness of violence against women and girls has increased markedly in the past year of lockdown. With the passing of the Domestic Abuse Bill and other relevant legislation on the agenda, we believe that EVAW, our members and partners are entering a period of steadily rising influence and impact.

Our voice must continue to cut through the noise of those who want to minimise or dismiss violence against women and girls, and these two roles will be instrumental in carrying forward this work. It’s a small team, so we absolutely need to stipulate the highest levels of professional ability and personal accountability, but I’ve no doubt that the applications which stand out will be from those who also deeply believe in what we do.

EVAW aims to be a values-centering employer, seeking out dedication, aptitude and ability to deliver strong campaigning work. If you have strong knowledge and experience related to any of the significant parts of this job but are not sure that your profile fits in a ‘traditional’ way please do consider making an application. You are warmly encouraged to contact us to discuss your background, what’s involved in the job, and whether you might be a good candidate.

Andrea Simon
I look forward to meeting you.
Andrea Simon
Director, End Violence Against Women

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