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We believe that a different world is possible; a world where women and girls live equally alongside men, free from harassment violence. Our vision is a world free from the threat and reality of violence against women and girls.

EVAW is a genuinely unique organisation. Our members set up our Coalition in 2005 to campaign for changes in government policy, at national and local level; to bring together action on the different forms of abuse; and to try to prevent it as well as just responding after it has happened. We have a vision of change across all parts of government and our public services, and in popular culture and debate, which would help build a society which truly rejects violence against women and girls. The key to this is a shared commitment to specific and concrete efforts to prevent violence against women and girls.

Gender based violence is not inevitable, and good public policy and practice can and should address it. But it has to be a priority. Our policy and campaigning priorities come from our members: in a sector which is predominantly focused on service provision, our task is to bring our members’ key concerns and knowledge about what is happening in women’s lives to the attention of government, opposition, nations governments and all others who can influence change for better.


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